The official airport is The Helsinki Airport ( located 70km away from the Kisakallio Sport Institute and 13 km from city centre. From the Helsinki Railway Station is 63km and from the Helsinki Harbour 60-63 km depending on the harbour.

The Organizing Committee will set the transport service payment 30 € /person/one way for all delegations between the official airport and the official hotels during the official days of the 2021 European Championship 10m (February 26 - March 8, 2021). In order to book your transportation, please remeber to send the final travel form by 26th January.

The Organizing Committee will provide local transportation between the official hotels and the shooting range, according to the official transport schedule. The local transport service will be effective from February 26 to March 08, 2021. The Delegations who stays at the complex will find all of the needed places (shooting range, restaurant, accommodation) within walking distance.

Delegations staying in the unofficial hotels has to arrange the transportation by themselves from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the complex. There are no public transportation available.